Study Abroad institutions

Dear student

Welcome to AU GO, the Study Abroad database, at Arts.

The database contains information about the exchange partner universities available to Arts students at Aarhus University.

In order for you to obtain a list of relevant agreements for your study programme, you must use the Search function:

1. Press Search
2. Programme: choose Exchange
3. Period: choose correct period
4. Study: choose your study programme (if you are a bachelor student and plan to go on exchange during your master, choose the respective Master programme).
5. Press “Do Search”

Please note: In the December application round you can apply for exchange in both the Autumn semester, and/or the following Spring semester. For technical reasons "Available places" in this round are generally listed under "Autumn Semester 20xx", but normally cover both the Autumn and the following Spring semester, even if they are not listed separately for the Spring semester.

In connection with your application, you must upload a list of prioritized partner universities which also states the titles of courses corresponding to 30 ECTS for each partner in your list. You can download the template for this list here under step 1.

If you have any questions about using the database or going on exchange, please contact your international coordinator.

Please note that Faculty of Arts has two application rounds per year;
Round 1: Deadline on 1 December
Round 2: Deadline on 15 September.
The Faculty of Arts does not operate with a Spring application date. 

Best regards

AU GO Team, Arts


This tutorial video will guide you through the functions of the AU GO database: